Happy New Year 2019!

& thanks for 20 years!.png

Happy New Year, everyone! 

2019 is a very special year because we are celebrating serving soup for 20 years! First of all, I’m pretty impressed with myself that I’ve even HAD a job for 20 years!

I remember our very first day in 1999 when I wondered if anyone would show up for lunch after seeing my handmade flyers I had posted around the neighborhood. I was over the moon when I counted up our $300 at the end of the day. Twenty years later, I still get excited when I see guests relaxing over a hot bowl of soup.

I want to personally thank all of you for supporting us through the years and in celebration, I am planning a monthly gratitude gift for our guests and for our employees! In January, we will celebrate our customers with offering double stamps for our loyalty cards every day this month! If you don’t have a loyalty card, this is the time to ask for one because they add up quick!

For our employees, I plan to invite the staff and their families for taco (and tequila!) night. A great start to a great year.

If you see me in any of our stores, please say hello, so I can thank you in person!