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How do YOU drink your bone broth?

I sip my mugs of broth with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of pink himalayan salt.

My friend swirls some sriracha into hers…

How do you like yours?

When I have a hectic afternoon….and my stomach is growling, but dinner is still two hours away … I heat a mug of broth. Chicken, or beef — doesn’t matter. I squeeze my lemon and sprinkle my pink salt and sit for a moment while I sip. It’s such a restorative — and healthy — habit to get into.

Our homemade, high-quality BONE BROTH is in our brand-spanky new freezer.

We have quarts of both Pasture-raised CHICKEN and Grassfed BEEF
ready for you to stock your freezer or enjoy today.
$18 per quart

SATURday, october 20

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