GUEST POST: My Misogi -- Introducing The Souper Walk



What the hell is a Misogi?  

When I first heard this word in a personal development class a few months ago, I had no idea what it meant.  Is it a type of mushroom? Possibly a new kind of chef’s knife, or maybe some crazy vegetable new to the States?  

Nope, that was just my restaurant mind racing and a Misogi is nothing related to food.  Instead, it’s a type of challenge you take on once a year.  It revolves around a personal challenge.  It is an activity that stretches you out of your “normal” and tests your limits.

I did a good amount of self-growth last year (read a bunch of books, joined a group centered around “building your life resume”, and exercised a bunch), but there was no Misogi, and I needed to add a Misogi to my bucket list!

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided not to waste any time and set my first goal of 2019.  A physical challenge with a project centered around a cause I care about. My Misogi.

The result is The Souper Walk for the Zadie Project.  

On Saturday, February 9, I will embark on the 18-mile “Souper Jenny Trail” with goal of raising at least $1800 for The Zadie Project, a non-profit that feeds and educates children, families, and seniors affected by food insecurity in Atlanta.  The project founded by “Souper” Jenny Levison in December of 2016 currently distributes nearly 500 quarts of soup per week to hungry Atlantans.  I have spent many hours with some amazing volunteers, and employees, filling quarts of soup and delivering them across the city.  I have seen first-hand how much of a difference this project makes with so many Atlantans and that is my main reason for taking on this undertaking.

As part of The Souper Walk, I am asking for donations of $1 per mile, so $18, with 100% going to The Zadie Project.  I’m in pretty decent shape for an old guy, so I should be able to complete the distance! On February 9th, I’m starting at Souper Jenny DECATUR at 8 am, then on to SJ BROOKHAVEN, SJ BUCKHEAD, and ending at SJ WESTSIDE around 3pm.

To make a donaton, visit The Zadie Project website or come in for lunch and make a donation at any of our four locations. Donations will be accepted until Feb. 16th - the first day I should be walking free of pain again!

On a final note, I challenge each of you to find something meaningful to you this year and create your own Misogi.  Feel free to email me or share what they are in the comment section below!

Happy New Year,