Staff Highlight: VIOLET MARDEN


I love any opportunity to brag on our incredible staff and this month I've chosen the fantastic VIOLET MARDEN! I can honestly say whenever and wherever Violet is working, I am ALWAYS greeted by her magical smile. She lights up the entire place!

Violet joined our family three years ago working at both Cafe Jonah and Juicy Jenny. Since the closing of those 2 ventures, she is always willing to jump in and help at all of the Souper Jenny locations. She currently shines at in Decatur! Her co-worker, Craig loves working with Violet. "She is the perfect combination of laid back and hustle. Always positive and cheery." Please drop by and say hello!

When she is not serving the community through soup, Violet (along with her sister Lorelei) owns and operates Sports Bar Online! They sell mostly personal art pieces - clothing and accessories - which they style, model, and photograph! Check out her online shop:

Violet, I just want you to know that you are a perfect example of hospitality done right. It's how I envisioned our guest experience. You provide a welcome greeting to everyone in our space! Thank you for all you do!