Care Package: 'NO FLU FOR YOU'


Care Package: 'NO FLU FOR YOU'

from 40.00

We are introducing a series of care packages starting off with the "No Flu for You" Winter package.

You can always stop into our Buckhead location and we'll make one up for you or you can order here for pick-up in Buckhead or delivery next day.

There are 3 options:

#1 - Two quarts homemade Chicken Soup of the Day

#2 - One quart Chicken soup, One quart Chef's Choice Vegetarian Soup (always gluten-free)

#3 - Two different quarts of Vegetarian soup (Chef's choice)

Each care package also includes:

4 cookies
4 fresh rolls
2 pieces of fresh fruit
sugar-free cough drops
a small pack of tissues
a personalized card

$40 pick up at our Atlanta History Center location in Buckhead.

$55 for delivery within 10 miles from The Atlanta History Center. Orders are delivered the next day, however there are NO SUNDAY deliveries at this time. If you have any specific delivery requests, please let us know!

Chicken or Veggie:
Pick up or Delivery:
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