Souper Jenny is a cafeteria-style restaurant. You wait in line, consult the daily menu, order your food, pay your money to the smiley cashier and sit on down. You can also take your food to go, but we love when you make time for you – or with a friend – and join us.

Here are some simple rules to make you feel more at home:

No cell phones!
The world is fast enough. When you walk through the doors, please take a deep breath and put your phones away before sitting down to enjoy a healthy lunch. Your neighbor will thank you.

We accept cash and check only.

No plastic, sorry.
We do, however, have a handy dandy ATM in the shop, as soon as you walk in on the right.

Please clear your table when you’re done.
We do our best to bus the tables, but when we’re busy it’s near impossible to keep up. There’s a bus tub and trashcan available behind the cash register and outside on the patio. If your table needs a wipe down, please let one of us know.

After numerous requests, we found a way to make this work. There are receptacles for aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles and paper bags. Please sort carefully or we will hit your bottom with one of our large, wooden soup paddles!

All of our food is made fresh every day
Therefore it is possible that we will run out of your favorite soup, salad or sandwich. We do our best to gauge our serving needs for each day, but please don't be disappointed if we are out of something. Think of it as a great opportunity to try something new!

Now, what the heck is the lunch deal?
It’s your choice of any two menu items. It comes with a roll, the daily treat (usually a cookie), a piece of whole, fresh fruit and a drink of your choice (Coke products, Lipsey water or unsweetened iced tea). What a deal! $13 or $14 includes tax

If you sing and dance with the staff, there’s a good chance you’ll get a free cookie. We love when the customers join in our antics and heck, we all could use a little fun during lunch.

The last hour of each day is take-out only.
Our closing time is actually when we turn out the lights and head home, not our last seating.

Please keep us in the know.
We love to know how we’re doing. Feel free to shoot us an email at or call the office (404-237-7687) if you feel something needs our attention.